Accounting and Financial Management: Case Of British Petroleum

Accounting and financial management are the main backgrounds of the report under which the financial evaluation of British Petroleum (BP) is conducted. BP is a leading company that explores produces, refines and markets oil and gas products including fuel, lubricants, energy and petrochemicals product. It deals in different segments including upstream, midstream and downstream to the oil and energy production. It serves customers’ demands across the world through globalise operations. Financial performance of the company over the last 5 years is depicting fluctuating trend as its net revenues has continuously been increasing and on the other hand, profits have declined. Financial performance of BP is evaluated with using different categories of ratios, including long term capital, liquidity, investors, financial risk/working capital management, and profitability and cash flow ratios. On the basis of ratio analysis, it is evaluated that BP’s financial position is not satisfactory although it has enough liquid funds as compared to other rivalry firms. Internal and external sources of finance are commonly used to obtain funds by the large company. New equity capital is commonly raised from retained earnings, loans and debentures. Overall, the given report provides a comprehensive knowledge of BP’s financial position in all material aspects.

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Table of Content

Executive Summary


Analysis and History of the Development of British Petroleum Company

Financial Analysis

Liquidity Analysis

  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio

Working Capital Management Analysis

  • Stock Days and Stock Turnover
  • Debtor’s Collection Period
  • Creditor’s Collection Period

Long Term Gearing

  • Capital Gearing
  • Interest Coverage Ratio

Cash Flow Ratios

  • Operating cash flow to maturing obligations ratio
  • Free cash flow ratio

Profitability ratios

  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Return on Capital Employed

Investment Ratios

  • Earnings per share (EPS)

Source of Finance

  • Key Areas to be considered
  • Aim and Purpose of Obtaining Finance
  • Factors Considering for the Source of Finance

BP and Sources of Finance




  • Ratio Calculation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement


The given report is based on the rigorous financial analysis of British Petroleum (BP) over the financial period of 2011 to 2012. Financial analysis of the company is done on the basis of the relevant financial ratios to evaluate BP’s position in respect to liquidity, working capital management, profitability, long term capital and cash flow. Review of this report provides a good overview of the financial position of the company from the investment viewpoint. In addition to this, aims and objectives of getting finance, factors taken into account related to the source of finance, key areas considered for getting loan and selection of the appropriate source of finance are also being included in the report. The report covers the history and development of BP, financial analysis, sources of finance and lastly, the conclusion.

Analysis and History of the Development of British Petroleum Company

 BP is a renowned company in the major integrated oil & gas industry, which serves fuel, lubricants, energy and petrochemicals product. In all the related areas, the company deals to maintain its eminent image including exploration, production, refining, marketing and distribution of oil and gas along with power and petrochemicals production and marketing (BP 2013). There are three main segments within which the company operates including upstream, midstream and downstream. In the upstream segment, BP is involved in the production, field development and exploration of oil and natural gas.

Main operations performed under the upstream activities are offshore platforms, processing facilities and wells and pipelines. In around 30 countries, namely India, Russia, Tobago, Norway, Angola, Brazil, Azerbaija, etc., BP Company operates upstream activities. On the other hand, the midstream segment is engaged in the natural gas (natural gas liquids and liquefied natural gas) storage, processing, marketing and trade. Downstream segment of the company is engaged in the petroleum and petrochemicals products related process including refining, manufacturing, transportation, marketing and trade. The operational activities in the downstream segment are furnished at Asia, North America and Europe. In the world, 15 refineries are owned by BP as per the recent figures of 2013. BP initiated its operations in 1889 and is located in London, UK. Currently, BP works with 85700 employees to serve the demand of petroleum, natural gas, motor and aviation fuels throughout the world (BP 2013). Position of BP in this industry is quite good as it efficiently focuses towards social and environmental issues, stakeholder engagement and transparency in operations. In this context, the company is positioned on 1st rank as per ‘Tomorrow Value Rating’ (Oil and Gas 2011). Overall, BP Company gives more emphasis on the corporate social responsibility for the welfare of the society and economy as a whole.

As per the 5 year trend, net revenues/sales of the company decreased during 2008 to 2009 i.e. 196.99 bn to 153.32 bn respectively due to the financial crisis. Later, in the following years, revenues have shown an increasing trend, it was 192.44 bn in 2010, 234.44 bn in 2011 and 237.02 bn in 2012. Despite increased sales, the net income of the company declined during the same period. It was 11.5 bn in 2008 that reduced to 10.6 bn 2009,     -2.41 bn in 2010, 16.03 bn in 2011 and 7.31 bn in 2012 (BP Plc ADS 2013). This exhibits that year on year, BP’s net income decreased and its profitability got affected. On an average, the growth rate divided over the last 5 years equals to -4.84%, but dividend per share increased to 17.86% (BP Plc 2013). The positive trend of dividend payment is a good symbol for investment in the oil and gas industry. Overall, the financial position of BP is showing positive results which are evident from the year on year growth. and we are providing also Sustainable Marketing Assignment Help.

Financial Ratio Analysis

Detailed analysis of each ratio is explained under and their calculation part has been included in appendix.

Liquidity Analysis

Liquidity ratio shows the company’s ability to pay its short term obligation/liabilities. The common ratios used to determine the liquidity position are Current ratio and Quick Ratio. Generally, higher the liquidity ratios are, higher the margin of safety and it shows the company’s position to meet its current liabilities.

(a) Current Ratio

Ratio of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors (Chevron Corp)
  Current ratio   1.45   1.16   1.63
  Quick Ratio   1.07   0.84   1.25

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (i)

The current ratio is the ratio between current assets and current liabilities. Current Ratio indicates the company’s ability to convert the current assets into cash and cash equivalents quickly so that the current liabilities can be paid off at time (Brigham and Ehrhardt 2011). On analysing the current ratio of BP, it can be concluded that in the year 2011, the results were not satisfactory but in the year 2012, the company showed some progress in maintaining good amount of current assets to pay its liabilities. The ratio of the company in 2011 was 1.16 and in 2012, it was 1.45. Therefore, the company’s liquidity position as compared to the ideal benchmark is not acceptable.

On comparison with the other industry competitors, the ratio of BP shows unsatisfactory figures. This indicates that the company is working less efficiently in comparison with other industry leaders. The increase in the current ratio of the company was due to an increase in working capital in 2012.

(b) Quick Ratio

Quick Ratio, also known as Acid Test ratio, is another type of ratio that is used to measure the liquidity position of the company. This ratio is similar to the current ratio but the only difference is that current assets do not include inventory and prepaid expenses. The reason for not including inventory is that many businesses are not able to convert the inventory easily. So, it is difficult to compare companies that maintain low level of inventory, like service sectors (Brigham and Ehrhardt 2011).

The acid test ratio of BP Corporation stood at 0.84 in the year 2011 and it increased by 27 % to be at 1.07 in the year 2012. The large gap between the current asset and quick asset ratios indicates that the company uses its inventory to derive its liquidity. Therefore, the company achieved the ideal benchmark of 1:1 in 2012.

On comparing with competitors’ ratios, results of BP Corporation are slightly low, which shows that competitors maintain more inventory level than BP Corporation. One of the negative impacts on a company with lower acid test than that of the industry and/or competitors is that lenders and creditors are likely to prefer dealing with other players in the industry as compared to that company. Thus, it is difficult to convince lenders and creditors for short term purposes.

In summary, the liquidity position of the BP Corporation reflects inadequate results than its competitors. It is advisable to BP Corporations that it should increase its investments in the short term assets that will help the company to increase the proportion of liquidity driven by more liquid assets. Hence, it will increase both current and quick ratio.

Working Capital Management Analysis

For any business, working capital management is one of the significant factors to maintain the proper flow of entire production process. It refers to the effective management of the company’s working capital or assets required to run the business on daily basis (Sagner 2010).

Ratios of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors (Chevron Corp)
  Stock Turnover Ratio   13.51   14.04   24.09
  Stock Days   27 days   26 days   15.15 days
  Debtors collection period   35 days   41 days   32.27 days
  Creditors payment period   58 days   67 days   58.24 days

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (ii))

(a) Stock Turnover Ratio and Stock Days

Stock turnover ratio reflects the speed of movement of inventory outside the company so as to generate sales, whereas stock days show the number of days for the inventory to be sold out and restocked (Sagner 2010). The stock turnover ratio of BP Corporation was 14.04 % in FY 2011 which decreased by 3 % to be at 13.51 % in FY 2012. This indicates that there is no significant change in the inventory level in the present year. On looking at the stock days, which is 26 days in FY 2011 and 27 days in FY 2012, indicate that the company can sell its inventory in about a month, but it is not upto the desired level.

On comparing both ratios with competitors in the market, the results are totally unsatisfactory. The stock turnover ratio of competitors was 24.09 % which indicates that BP Corporation is not able to convert its stock in cash as fast as its competitors. Comparing the stock days with competitors, i.e. 15.15 days, show that BP Corporation is not working effectively.

(b) Debtor (Receivables) collection period

Debtor collection period states the capability of the company in turning out its receivables into cash so as to meet its current liabilities. This also leads to improve the liquidity position of the company (Bull 2007). Debtor collection period of BP Corporation in FY 2011 was 41 days, which was reduced by 6 days in FY 2012 i.e. 35 days. This significant decrease in the collection period was due to the new policy adopted by the company to collect its receivables more quickly.

(c) Creditors Payment Period

Creditor’s payment period ratio is used to calculate the number of days taken by the company to pay its creditors for the amount of purchases made (Bull 2007). BP Corporation payment period was 67 days in FY 2011, which decreased to 58 days in FY 2012. The decrease in payment period was mainly due to the decrease in receivables collection period.

Compared to competitors (58.24 days), BP Corporation was not effective in 2011, but in 2012, there was a significant decrease in the payment time that made the company to stand with other competitors.

Long term capital Ratios

Long term capital or gearing ratio indicates the percentage of debt in the company’s capital structure. So higher the gearing ratios, higher is the financial risk. The company has to pay the interest amount on the borrowed amount regardless of any revenue. Therefore, at the time of financial crises, the company is not able to pay its financial charges and has to use its retained earnings, or otherwise the company gets into the position of bankruptcy (Bull 2007).

Ratios of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors (Chevron Corp)
  Capital gearing ratio   46.51 %   46.34 %   10.80 %
  Interest Cover ratio   17.54 times   31.95 times

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (iii))

  1. a) Capital Gearing Ratio

Capital gearing ratio calculates the amount of geared part (Long term debt) in the total capital employed. It is the measure of degree of financial leverage, indicating the degree to which a company’s activities are funded by owner’s funds against outsider’s funds. BP Corporation’s capital gearing ratio was 46.34 % in FY 2011 and 46.51 % in FY 2012. On comparing with the same industry competitors, which have the gearing ratio of 10.80 %, it can be concluded that the company has taken more loan amount. This indicates that the BP Corporation is at more financial risk as compared to other key players (Bull 2007).

(b) Interest Coverage ratio

Interest coverage ratio helps to calculate the company’s ability to pay its interest expenses. Higher the coverage ratio, lower the financial risk (Bull 2007). The interest coverage ratio of BP Corporation was 31.95 times in FY 2011, which was decreased by 45 % in FY 2012 with 17.54 times. The decrease in the coverage ratio attributes to increase the long term liabilities and decrease the EBIT.

In the nutshell, it can be concluded that the leverage position of the company is not as good as it should be. The company has a sufficient amount of profit to cover the interest expenses. This makes the company financially viable to make loans in the market.

Cash Flow Ratios

Cash flow is the most important element in evaluating the company’s financial performance as it is not affected by any accounting policy. Therefore, it cannot be directly managed or manipulated.

Ratios of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors
  OCF to maturing obligations ratio   380.37 %   380.59 %   88 %
  Free cash flow ratio   0.88   1.24   1.25
  Cash exhaustion ratio   711 days   568 days   223 days

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (iv))

This is used to calculate the extent to which the cash is generated from the operation activities to meet the current obligations (Bull 2007). This ratio was 380.59 % in FY 2011 and in FY 2012, it was decreased to 380.37 %. The current ratio was similar to the previous one as there is no major change in the amount of current liabilities. The competitor ratio was 88 %, which indicates that BP Corporation is much stronger in paying its current obligations at time.

(b) Free Cash flow

FCF shows the company’s ability to cover the capital expenditure by using the cash flow from operating activity (Bull 2007).BP Corporation FCF was 1.24 times in FY 2011, which decreased to 0.88 times in FY 2012. The decrease was mainly due to the increase in the capital expenditure and decrease in the cash flow from the operating activity. The competitor’s ratio of 1.25 times indicates that the company is working efficiently to cover up the capital expenditures.

 Profitability ratios

Analysis of profitability ratio helps to calculate the turnovers, margins and different returns on investments made by the company.

Ratios of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors
  Gross Profit Margin   7.39 %   12.34 %   41.81 %
  Return on Capital Employed   8.91 %   19.16 %   25.77 %
  Asset Turnover   1.25   1.28   11.83

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (v)

This ratio reflects the margin that is left out with the company after meeting its manufacturing cost (Bull 2007). BP Corporation gross profit ratio was 12.34 % in FY 2011, which decreased to 7.39 % in FY 2012. Competitor’s ratio was 41.81 %, which indicates that BP Corporation revenue income is not that sufficient to cover all the manufacturing expenses.

(b) Return on Capital Employed

The return on capital employed can be obtained by dividing the net profit by the capital employed (Bull 2007). BP Corporation Return on capital employed ratio was 19.16 % in FY 2011, which was decreased to 8.91 % in FY 2012. Competitor’s ratio was 25.77 %, which shows that the earning capability of the company is not effective or upto the mark.

Investment Ratios

Ratios of Bp and other industry competitors

  Ratio   2012   2011   Competitors
  Dividend yield   0.77 %   0.68 %
  Dividend Cover   2.23 Times   6.41 Times   3.80 times
  Earnings per share   0.608 $   1.359 $   13.42 $

(Chevron Corp – CVX 2013)(Refer appendix (vi))

Earnings per share of a company indicate the ratio of the company’s earnings to the amount of shares held during the fiscal year. For the ordinary shareholders, the amount of earning available is simply the profit generated in a given financial year less taxation, preference dividend, and interest expense. BP Corporation EPS was 1.359 $ in FY 2011, which decreased to 0.608 $ in FY 2012. Competitor’s EPS was 13.42 $, which indicates that the company is not earning enough to compete the industry competitors.

Sources of Finance  

Leading organisations can obtain required/additional capital by using the available sources of finance that are categorised under two heads, namely, internal and external financing. Internal financial sources comprise retained profits, sales of existing assets, reduced level of inventories, and long time grant for supplier payment and timely collection for debtors. On the other hand, the sources of finance that are available in the external option are of three types including long, medium and short term. Long term source of finance includes shares, debentures, bank loan and grants, while medium term sources include hire purchase, leasing and bank loan for medium and short term, including bank loan, creditors and bank loan/overdraft (Buckle, Buckle and Thompson 2004).

This shows that a number of financing options are available in the market through which organisations can get funds easily, but the lending organisations need to consider certain financial areas when considering a loan application. The following areas that should be considered are depicted as follow:

Debt position: The lending organisation should consider the debt position of the company to measure whether the current debt exceeds to the defined limit or not. This financial aspect helps the lending firms to determine the worth of the company, which is used as a base for granting loan application. An analysis of debt position indicates the firms’ ability to pay off long term debts and procure additional loans (Houston and Brigham 2009). In the capital structure, the proportion of debt and equity used in the asset financing can be determined with this and further the same information will be used to measure financial burden on the company in order to its ability to serve the loan on the due date and long term solvency.

Liquidity: Liquidity indicates the firm’s ability to pay out the credit on time. Review of liquidity position aids in determining the capacity to meet the loan instalments when they are due as it reveals cash or liquid assets availability (Götze, Northcott and Schuster 2007). This financial area is significant for lending organisations to consider while viewing a loan application to measure whether the firm has enough liquid funds to pay the loan amount on time.

Market reputation and risk: This is another financial area that is directly linked to the financial status as good market reputation and low risk indicate less chances of payment default. Market reputation is important to be considered for the lending institution to evaluate the trustworthiness in respect to the credit history, while risk indicates the level of risk in the company’s matters and operational dealings.

Profitability Growth: Growth of the company in terms of profits must be considered by a lending organisation as this is one of the key financial areas that reflect the earning power and capability. It could be easy for the lending firms to ascertain solvency over the short or long run with the evaluation of the profit earning and amount to be given out as loan. Profitability growth area is important to find out the ability to earn maximum profit by utilising available resources in the best possible way (Ezenwa 2013).

On the basis of the key financial areas, the lending organisation will be looking for the borrower‘s capability of paying back the loan amount with interest within the due period. It considers all factors that affect the decision to grant a loan application such as profitability, long term solvency, debt position, past credit history, risk and growth prospect. On this basis, the main focus of the lending organisation is to provide loan to the borrower, who has enough financial means and possess high ability to service the loan. Overall, the lending organisations look for the commitment and trustworthiness of the loan taker or borrowers in order to fulfil their loan requisite.

Aim and Purpose of Obtaining Finance:

The main aim and purpose of obtaining finance from a large company are the business expansion and development. Today, a business requires additional capital/funds to adopt new technological advancements for better and faster processing. Moreover, companies obtain finance for flourishing the business units worldwide to capture a large market share, and ultimately contribute in keeping the sustainable position in the future. BP Company aims to obtain funds to expand its operations across the Gulf regions (Blackden 2013). In addition to this, the company is aimed to push forward its segment of exploration and production in order to improve the level of production along with expanding its global reach. This would aid in saving BP’s operations by enhancing the production capability. Funds are to be obtained to payoff short and long term obligations that are due within a short time interval. Overall, the large company plans to obtain funds to explore business area/operations, improve production efficiency, and technology advancements in order to sustain growth in all aspects.

Factors considering for the Source of Finance

 Although the selection of the appropriate source of finance from the internal and external financing options is done on the basis of the fund requirements in the business, but there exist certain factors that need to be taken into account while deciding the source of finance, these are as under:

Flexibility: Flexibility with the future financing decision is the most significant factor that must be taken into account as there is a direct interlink between present and future financial decisions. Flexibility in terms of paying short and long term debt is also needed to be taken into account as there is no provision of penalty for early payment in case of short term borrowing, while it is penalised in case of long term.

Rate of Interest: This is another factor needed to be taken while preferring financing option for long, medium and short term. The rate of interest is not high in case of short term debts like in long and medium term debt. This factor aids in deciding the source that is suitable for a shorter period and has low probability of investment loss (Mumba 2013).

Tax Benefit: Tax benefit or shield is also one of the factors that affect the selection of financing option/source. Tax shield or benefit is different in case of short and long term sources of finance (Ujwary-Gil 2011).

Financial Risk and Outside Intervention: Financial risk and outside intervention in the company’s affairs is also considered while deciding the source of finance. Internal sources of finance are comparatively less risky than external sources of finance. Moreover, raised funds from creditors induce probability of high outside intervention and high chances of information threat (Ujwary-Gil 2011). New equity financial options including retained profits, bank loans and debentures are the commonly preferred options having low financial risk.

BP and Sources of Finance

On the basis of the above discussed financial areas concerned for loan, it is being evaluated that whether BP would lend 10% of the total net assets as a ten year loan or not. The debt position of BP shows high sufficient margin for creditors due to increased stake of equity holders. As looking to the debt/equity ratio, it is analysed that the proportion of debt into equity has been decreased over the period of 2010 to 2012, which is indicated from the decreased value of the debt/equity ratio. It was 1.866 in 2010 that decreased to 1.62 in 2011 and 1.53 in 2012 (Yahoo Finance) that shows year on year improvement in the debt position of BP.

 As concerned to the liquidity position, BP’s efficiency to pay short term obligations has slightly improved from 1.12 in 2010 to 1.43 in 2012. Despite the improvement in liquidity position, BP’s ability to payoff short term debts on its due date is not satisfactory as per the standard ratio of 2:1. On the other hand, BP Company has enough liquid assets as compare to the industry average and thus, granting a bank loan to the company for a period of ten years is not risky for the lending organisation. Market reputation of BP is quite good which is evident from increased net revenues. Over the long term, granting 10% of the total assets (300,193,000*10%) i.e. 30,019,300 (Yahoo finance) for 10 years is profitable over the long run.

Profitability of the company has declined as compare to the previous year as its expenditure has increased (Yahoo Finance). In the long run, BP’s plan of expansion in Gulf would lead in gaining more and more profits and it is expected that the net income of the company will increased due to its improved debt position and good market reputation. Overall, it is concluded that ten year loan of 30,019,300 will be lend to BP as its financial position is showing improvement year on year and thereby, it is expected that the position of the company will also turn up in the long run.


In this report, analysis of last two annual reports for BP Corporation has been done. Most of the financial ratios used to conduct the company analysis have indicated that the company has a moderate financial position. The financial leverage position of the company is not satisfactory because earning before interest and tax is enough to cover all the interest expenses. In spite of huge profits made in the last two years, a return to dividend declared has remained low. A company that relies heavily on the internal sources of finance is less likely to declare high dividends as compared to those that rely on the external sources of finance, for example, loans. Desire to retain high liquidity levels are yet another reason why BP declared little dividends in fiscal 2011.

The other section of report discussed some sources of finance to the company. It has been noticed that cash flows, financial accounting, liquidity, and need for cash are some areas the company need to consider before choosing a certain source of finance. Company is able to generate enough cash flow to pay dividends, undertake new investment projects, and maintain good liquidity ratios that attract lenders. Additionally, lenders will be keen on the financial accounting process of borrowers. Audited financial statements provide good information to a potential lender and company also has enough return to pay all the interest expenses. Therefore, lenders can provide bank loan for 10 years based on its net assets.


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The proposed venture is multifaceted when contrasted with other DBFOT ventures and has been strategically arranged with methodology to make it self-economical . In this manner the preparatory money related investigation for a Sports/Recreation/Leisure Center in the peripherals of Singapore has been done focused around the suspicions landed from preparatory business sector appraisal did for the comparable ventures. The Financial Suitability of the Project is surveyed as for the key parameters, for example, Project FIRR and Equity Internal Rate of Returns (IRR). The reasonability investigation incorporates the distinguishing proof of income and consumption streams. Incomes will be from Training, Academies, Lease Rental and other business exercises, while the consumption would be principally because of Capital and O&M costs.

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At any rate some of these troubles are because of the inability, or absence of aptitudes among board parts. A few clubs have created extensive ability in getting to outer financing, regularly through experience, and through moving endeavors in one individual, or a little gathering of individuals.

Clubs with income generating limit are to a great extent moved in sports where there are additionally worries about recruitment. The general effect of the smoking boycott is tricky to gage, yet it is liable to hit social clubs – especially those clubs which have no normal wellspring of pay in shut seasons.

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Consider how the venture could help your general strategic destinations. Regularly, one of the key advantages of making a speculation can be the abilities your business learns and the future open doors that may emerge. A helpful test is to contemplate your plan B.

Principle speculation evaluation procedures include:

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Marking down cashflow – applies a markdown rate to work out the present-day likeness a future cashflow. There are two sorts of reducing techniques for evaluation – the net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

Venture danger and affectability examination – a practical evaluation of dangers is vital. By and by, the greatest danger for some speculations is the interruption they can bring

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The primary issues with which clubs distinguished obliging backing were, as may be normal, financing and youngster insurance approaches. Around 10% of clubs essentially said that more data ought to be accessible about generally subjects.


EC, (2000), Sustainability 21 Conference Helsinki – European Consultative Forum On The Environment And Sustainable Development, European Communities Publications, Luxemburg.

Hall, M., (1992), Mega-Events And Their Legacies. In: Murphy, P., 1997, Quality Management In Urban Tourism, Wiley Press, UK.

Mann, P., (2002), Events Must Leave Lasting Legacy, Bidding Business Journal, Sport Business Group Ltd., London, UK.

Rosentraub, M. (1997), Major League LosersThe Real Costs of Sports and Who’s  Paying For It . New York: Basic Books.

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A research paper is composed to display your contentions, discoveries, and answers for a specific issue, social circumstance or pattern. You can set up the exploration paper for a scholastic network or you may do it as a piece of your scholarly educational programs. The cover sheet of a scholastic research paper incorporates the scientist’s name, the subject of the exploration, the manager’s name and college subtleties of the understudy. It can likewise incorporate a running head. The space and dispersing of the spread page rely on the referencing style understudy has picked, for example, APA or MLA. Here is a case of the examination paper spread page.

Book Cover Page Format

A book spread page by and large incorporates the title of the book and the name of the writer. You may give a picture or a one-line portrayal of the book. Here is a case for you. You may see that this spread page likewise give data about the distributes which is a decent point to make reference to.

Lab Report Cover Page

Student regularly need to keep up a lab document in which they track every one of their trials, perceptions and ends. You may effortlessly set up the lab report assignment first page design in Word and incorporate all the fundamental course subtleties. Examine this precedent which contains a legitimate heading, the name of the division, understudy subtleties, for example, course, semester, educator’s subtleties, lab subtleties and furthermore the subtleties of the understudies who on the whole arranged the report.

Article Review Title Page

It is another important assignment given to the understudies in which they need to comprehend another person’s article and furnish with a precise summation of the equivalent. Here and there understudies are approached to make a different cover sheet for this assignment and now and again they simply need to combine that with the assignment. Consider one of the article audit assignment first page precedents here. It doesn’t contain a different cover sheet yet it gives clear data to the peruse about the point, college subtleties and the subtleties of the commentators.

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More Tips on Creating a Compelling Assignment Title Page

  • If you need to make the first page of the assignment document all the more engaging you ought to think about utilizing a layout. It will enable you to place and present all the data accurately. This will be extremely useful on the off chance that you do not understand how to continue with the spread page.
  • Your spread page ought to dependably cling to the referencing design you are following in whatever remains of your assignment. The introductions prerequisites of each referencing configuration change thus ensure you are following that on the cover sheet also. For instance, in APA referencing position the title of the page shows up some place amidst the page and is constantly adjusted focus.
  • Always experience some assignment first page configuration tests before making your very own cover sheet. This will make you acquainted with what rehearses different understudies select so as to make their spread page look increasingly respectable.

From the above precedents, you may have seen that for various sorts of assignments, the prerequisites to make a spread page change. Do look for help from a specialist in the event that you face issues while structuring the spread page. We give the most real and purchase assignment online to the understudies. So in the event that you need to establish a decent first connection of your assignment, our assignment suppliers can furnish you with a assignment first page position in Word dependent on your educator’s rules and assignment prerequisites.

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Sustainable Environmental Marketing Assignment Service

Sustainable Environmental Marketing Assignment provides the students studying this unit an integrated understanding of sustainable environmental issues as they relate to a specific business environment and for overall management as well. Hence, this unit is closely related to Business Management and Applied Strategic Marketing. Proper completion of this unit enables business managers to utilize a conceptual framework for analysis and development of strategic response of environmental issues. It also helps in proper understanding of potential business cases for sustainable environmental business issues. This course provides an integrated overview of ecological, business, human sustainability as the students study a variety and series of business and environmental case studies to analyse them comprehensively. Students carefully study environmental sustainability practices with a problem-based learning approach that enables them to become effective managers in future as they examine critically involved business principles.

Due to the complex nature of this unit, students often use the services of online assignment experts in Australia to do well in their assignments. Our service is to help the students overcome their burden and help them understand the involved concepts better. Marketing Management is one of the most essential units studied by business students in Australia and environmental marketing is an important part of the Marketing course in Australia.

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Digital Marketing Case Study Assignment Help

Digital Marketing is an emerging trend in the vast field of marketing. Various universities in Australia have this as a subject, and hence students often get digital marketing assignments in order to increase their knowledge about this field. Digital marketing comprises of various aspects of marketing, with the exception of everything happening over the internet, or digitally. Marketing students are required to understand all the aspects of digital marketing, which helps them develop their ability as a digital marketer, content strategist, along with technical experts. The knowledge of search engine optimisation tools help any digital marketer to understand which keywords to use, and where to use them, et cetera.

However, students are already burdened with the pressure of studying for various class assessments, working part time jobs to pay off student loans, et cetera, hence students look for someone to write their assignments for them. Since the scope of marketing is extremely vast, students often resort to browsing the internet for online digital marketing Assignment Help samples. Although the internet provides a large number of solutions for this, but not every site is reliable, or updated. This is where Assignment Help Global Services comes into the picture.

Digital Marketing Assignment Sample

Our team of digital marketing experts have solved and written a number of digital marketing assignments for students across the various universities in Australia. Here is an example of an assignment that was written by our digital marketing assignment experts. The assignment was to conduct a digital strategy and marketing audit on a small-medium sized company. The writer was supposed to identify the strategic objectives for the company, in terms of their digital marketing strategy, after which the key digital platforms that the company was using were to be identified, along with a description of the content.

The company selected by our academic writers was Evergen, which had gained a significant market credential for its prompt response to consumer queries. The consumers had generated a sense of faith towards Evergen that in turn ensured consumer loyalty. Formulation of the strategies in accordance with the organisational objectives of digital marketing resulted in an increase in profit margins. The market in the current scenario has been evolving for a number of years. The prevailing trends in the market suggest the competitive nature of the Australian market.

For this assessment, you are to conduct a Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit either on your own business or a small-medium business. Do not choose a large national or multi-national company. To get the most benefit from this assessment, it is ideal if you can spend time engaging with the company first hand to get a strong understanding of their overall business strategy and all of its digital marketing platforms (e.g. website, mobile app, social media, ecommerce, etc.).

Using the Digital Strategy Audit Checklist provided, complete the checklist for your organisation. There are many types of audit checklists; this one is a compilation of some of the ones on the internet. If you have one that is more relevant to your organisation, you must get it approved by your Workshop Facilitator. You will be required to submit the actual checklist completed as part of your report.
The design and the structure of your Audit Report is up to you, depending on your findings. The Audit Report is not to exceed 10 pages (this does not include the checklist in your Appendix).

Your report must include the following:

  • Identify the strategic objectives for the company in terms of their digital marketing strategy. What is the company trying to accomplish with these efforts? What evidence did you find to suggest these objectives? Is digital marketing actually suited to that strategy?
  • Briefly identify the key digital platforms in which you believe the company is engaging with customers.
  • Describe the kind of content, if any, the company is programming in each of its digital platforms. If applicable, analyse the content and your experience engaging in each space. Things to consider are: degree of engagement i.e., 1:1 or broad publishing of content), brand & message consistency, level of uniqueness, ability to solve problems/answer questions, added-value, ease of use, etc.
  • Analyse how the various platforms are either working together or existing in silos.
  • Comment, as relevant, on any direct calls-to-action/direct incentives on a digital platform intended to drive sales of tickets, merchandise, or other revenue for the company.

Rate the overall digital marketing efforts of this company (numerical grade/percentage) and make specific recommendations to improve the digital strategy.

Identify the issues and the resolutions/actions needed to be taken to rectify each issue. What do you see the results will be if the company implements your recommendations? Feel free to use examples that you believe are successful from other companies/websites (e.g., best practices). Be sure to cite those companies/websites accordingly


The modern world has rapidly adapted to the use of internet. It has evolved as an huge forum for interaction, trade and communication irrespective of global boundaries. This assessment will depict a clear overview about the digital strategies that are implemented for enhancing the business activities of an organization. Evergen, a Australia based solar energy SME has shown a terrific potential for its growth in the sustainable energy industry. It covers the various business strategies and specifically the marketing measures on digital platform of Evergen. The theme of the assessment lies in evaluating the accuracy and implications of the prevailing digital marketing strategies of Evergen.

Digital marketing objectives and its influence of trade

Evergen was initiated by CSIRO or it can be indicated that the energy intelligence that has been developed by CSIRO drives the performance of Evergen. The company has obtained a significant position in the Australian market considering its short span of market entry. The innovation and the introduction of the product line has been an unique feature to Evergen. The development of the products in accordance with the needs of the consumers has been gladly appreciated by the Australian consumers (Chaffey, Smith & Smith, 2013). Being a 21st Century organization, Evergen has prioritized on consumer quality and technological aspects of product innovation. The present era demands adaptation with internet in operational activities of an organization as most of the companies are driving their efforts towards a global expansion. Digital marketing refers to the marketing or selling of products by means of digital channels to reach the consumers.

Significant importance to digital marketing strategies has been given by Evergen. The current market credential of the company may justify that those strategies has yielded benefit for the organization. The implementation of the digital marketing strategies of Evergen is based on formulated objectives. The objectives of Evergen may be depicted below:

  • To provide the Company website with accurate information about the product line
  • To expand the reach to consumers through digital advertisements
  • To ensure a mutual relation between digital marketing and sales function
  • To analyze and evaluate the consumer needs from the consumer feedbacks
  • To encourage future career scope at Evergen

Evergen, has evolved to be one of the pioneers in the Australian market of sustainable energy resources. The company has not completed a decade of trade on Australian soil, but the significant efforts of the employees and the adaptation of fair business strategies has resulted in its positive market credential. The notion of digital marketing has been efficiently used by the Evergen management. The formulation of the strategies in accordance with the organizational objectives of digital marketing has resulted in an increase in profit margins. Evergen is operated by a management board that comprises of experts from differential fields whose knowledge aides in business development (Moorman & Day, 2016). It boasts of strong IT wing that carries its web operation and it’s backed up innovative ideas of digital marketing from the marketing team of Evergen. The company has generated a consumer loyalty and gathered the faith of the consumers which can prove a positive boost to its business trends in future. The objective of digital marketing along with proper implementation of the strategies has led Evergen to its currents position in the Australian market.

Engagement in Digital Platforms

The implementation of the notion of digital marketing is not possible without the use of digital platforms. The Company has used the digital platforms as an efficient tool for selling and marketing its products or services. The engagement with the digital platform has in turn ensured that Evergen may obtain the consumer feedbacks and entertain the unsatisfied consumer base. This existence of Evergen on digital platform has created a sense of awareness among the consumers about the company (Kahne, Hodgin & Eidman-Aadahl, 2016). The internet users are free to obtain company information, knowledge about the product line and the consumer services that are offered by Evergen from their respective or desired locations. The digital platforms and their respective use by Evergen may be depicted below:

  • Website: Evergen has its official website that has been designed keeping the consumer behavior into consideration. The Website of Evergen is enriched with information on the offered product line, offered consumer services. It incorporates company information like name, address, and contact details. The website has a FAQ section that deals with consumer queries. It can be concluded that Evergen possess a website that has been developed through innovative measures.
  • Mobile App: The Company is yet to explore this platform with its digital marketing strategies. However, the Smart solar system that is built to conserve and regulate the solar energy in consumer places is operated through a mobile app. Post installation of the product the consumers are given access to the particular app. The presence of Evergen irrespective of consumer location in mobile app (on apple, android or Google) is limited till date.
  • Social Media: Evergen has a fair base of followers on social media. Its official pages in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. has videos of product development. It also shows personal interviews of various employees who have working with Evergen (Uzunoğlu & Kip, 2014). It has generated quite a craze in the public, and the company has boosted its identity with the consumers.
  • E-Commerce: e-commerce indicates to financial transactions that are carried online without the use of paper money. Evergen has shown efficient exploration of e-commerce for conducting its trade activities. The agreements with the e-commerce companies have secured the transaction bridge between the consumers and Evergen.

Kind of Content and Degree of Engagement

The following is a depiction for content improvisation on digital platforms that Evergen is planning to implement:

  • Website: The Company possesses a website that provides appropriate description of the company. The website is enriched with vital information from the company about its product line. It also depicts the consumer services that the consumers may relate to in the time of purchase. The target consumer base of Evergen is mostly made aware of the products and services through the website (Ren, Tan & Wan, 2017). Additionally, the company is willing consultancy services to the consumers through the company website. The consultancy services are expected to provide a boost to the brand value of Evergen. The company plans on enriching the consumers’ knowledge about the need of a sustainable energy sources. This will create an affinity of the product line of Evergen among the consumers. The customers may tend to purchase the products as they get interested from the product knowledge from the company website.
  • Mobile App: This digital platform has a vast area that will be explored by Evergen. The company is limited to a single mobile app is used for the smart solar systems. Evergen is planning to enter into agreements with Android, Apple, and Google etc. for launching its application that will be accessible to users irrespective of global boundaries (Arapakis, Lalmas, Cambazoglu, Marcos & Jose, 2014). The prime idea behind the incorporation of mobile app is to increase consumer acquaintance and global market expansion.
  • Social Media: Evergen has a significant base of followers on social media specifically in Facebook and Twitter. The company is very popular among environmental activist, younger generation of people, persons those who are curious about technological and scientific innovations (Bonsón & Ratkai, 2013). The webpages of Evergen is enriched with videos about product development and perceptions of some of its employees. The company is planning to post regular videos and enrich the consumer’s notion about technology innovation.
  • E-Commerce: e-Commerce is considered to be an integral part of online business activities. E-Commerce companies ensure a secure gateway for financial transactions. The use of e-Commerce eases the collection of the consumer payments and it also protects from inappropriate delivery of money (Blank, 2013). Evergen has encouraged the use of e-commerce platform for consumer services.

Contribution of calls-to-action/direct incentives in revenue generation of a Company

The Call-to-action indicates to the process of effective consumer communication that can be backed by rapid decision making process. The call-to-action includes immediate response to the consumers in case of consumer issues and grievances. Thew Consumers may approach the company with their governance issues. The present trends of digital marketing have highly influenced consumer communication (Costa, Passos & Bakker, 2014). The notion has made the consumers easily reach to the desired position in an organization with their issues and grievances. The consumers may reach Evergen by the company’s official website, its social networking pages, and the promotional applications. It is the duty of Evergen to ensure that the consumers are satisfied and the grievance issues of the consumers are readdressed with appropriate measures. The company has gained a significant market credential for its prompt response to consumer queries. The consumers have generated a sense of faith towards Evergen that in turn has ensured consumer loyalty. The prevailing trend in the market suggests the competitive nature of the Australian market. The consumer loyalty has given Evergen a competitive edge in the Australian market. It has also aided in increasing the profit margins of the organization. The company is currently enjoying a fair position in the Australian market. This may be attributed to the excellent] implementation of the calls to action measure (Valerio Ureña, Herrera Murillo, Villanueva-Puente, Herrera Murillo & Rodríguez-Martínez, 2015). The management of Evergen has ensured that they adapt to appropriate measures that will monitor the implementation of this particular concept. The prevailing market status of Evergen has justifies that the management has appropriately implemented this strategy that has in turn affected the sales figure of the organisation.

The concept of direct incentives has been beneficial for various organizations in the past. Evergen has its specific focus on the direct incentives as the management considers it to be an integral part of the the business activities. Every organization has adapted to the use of digital marketing. However, some of the companies that have refrained from using the digital marketing has faced adverse impacts from the market that has led to collapse of the companies (Cvijikj & Michahelles, 2013). The direct incentive has been benefited Evergen as the company has experienced increasing sales volumes and positive shift in the profit margins. The process of incentivisation encourages the increase in sales as the persons contributing to the business activities is rewarded by the organization.  This also helps the organization in developing a beneficial relation with the employee base.

Recommendations after rating the digital marketing strategies

Evergen has always given fair focus on generating consumer base through the differential digital marketing strategies. The company has adapted digital marketing as an active tool of developing the business activities. The sustainability of Evergen along with its current market credential may imply that the management has successfully implemented the differential strategies of digital marketing. The company aims at providing solar energy to the Australian people within the budgetary limits of the consumers. Evergen boasts of a website that has been developed with appropriate evaluation of the needs of consumers. Evergen must consider the developing the website. Some of the people are attracted to their innovative concept of digital marketing. The website of the company is framed considering our quality approach of Evergen. Digital marketing must evolve with time as because of the prevailing competitive market.  The company has shown quite a reputation in the Australian market. At times, the trade cycle may follow a rough figure that can be dealt through appropriate implementation of the digital marketing strategies. The company must consider the launch of its official applications that can be applied irrespective of national boundaries. The official app of Evergen will depict an overview about the company which will make the consumers acquainted with the product line.

Issues in current digital marketing strategies

The present day of digital marketing Case Study Assignment Help has been found to be the most feasible step to bring about changes in the organization. The organizations like Evergen that has been functioning in the market successfully for such a long time is one very innovative organization that has always been eager to bring new modulations in the functioning. Therefore, such an organization was among few companies that introduced digital marketing in the company promotional and marketing strategies. However, each function comes with few pros and few cons (Leeflang, Verhoef, Dahlström & Freundt, 2014). Therefore, such an updated and modern system was also filled with issues and challenges. Each company like Evergen is motivated it gets the maximum value out of such systems once they think to introduce in the organization. Here are the current issues or challenges that the organization Evergen is facing in the recent days of functioning.

Issues in social media marketing: The social media marketing is one big leap to the digital world. The normal or the traditional online or digital marketing was the only method by which a company would have been able to reach the market or the target audience. The initiation of the usage of social media is the fact that has brought about huge changes in the approaches of the companies to function as a social media connector. There are certain issues the might be a hurdle to this road. The company is currently facing the issues like management of the social media marketing. There is large number of queries that the company Evergen wish to address.

Implication of recommendations

The study has been conducted based on the digital marketing link of an organization that has been functioning in the Australian market over a considerable period of time. The organization that has been selected to conduct the study has based on Evergen that has been found to have continuously incorporating innovations in its business activities. Therefore, it can be conferred or concluded in the study that the organization is quite innovative (Strauss, 2016). Therefore, it can also be conferred in the study that the organization Evergen has met many goals that might be long term or short term goals to make the functioning even better. As a result, it has been very difficult to understand the loopholes of the company strategies and functioning. However, based on the functions and a detailed study of the current situation of Evergen it has been found that there are few scopes where the company can be improved on the terms of conduction of business activities.

The market in the current scenario has been evolving for a number of years. The organizations’ in any industrial sector is bringing up new methods of their promotional activities in the market (Belk & Llamas, 2013). They are doing so in order to make the company more and more familiar to the market and their representatives (consumers). Therefore, there is a chance of high competition in the market making the company functioning even more difficult. Here are some issues that have been spotted during the study. These issues have been analyzed in details in order to forward some recommendations to make the functioning better.

  1. Social media management

The social media marketing is an essential part of the online or digital marketing in the present scenario of the market. Therefore, it is very evident that the organization that is Evergen has also taken up few initiatives to make the functioning better through social media marketing. However, there are certain facts that made the functioning in social media that is marketing even difficult. There might be confusions regarding the type and length of content to be put in the social media. Also the nature of the content comes under the confusion (Järvinen & Karjaluoto, 2015). It is always a query that makes the situation a bit confusing that how can a content over the social media be remarkable to attract the consumers from the market. Moreover, it is also confusion in the world of digital marketing regarding the frequency of repetition of the promotions in the social media platform. Adding to all these questions, there is another important fact that is aroused as a challenge in social media marketing form of digital marketing (Zemp & Steffen, 2016). It is related to the fact that who is the one who can be appointed to continue with such processes. Accountability has also been a question to be popped up in the question of social media marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

It is a big problem in the virtual world of digital marketing in different organizations as in Evergreen to continue to be a part of the active digital marketing. Search engine optimization is the method that would help the website of an organisation (such as Evergreen) to appear in the first page of the search engines like Google (Fichman, Dos Santos & Zhen, 2014). On the other hand, the lack of determining the proper keyword for such social media marketing is one issue that requires changes. The organization that is Evergreen should also be aware of to provide the right contract to the right organization so that all these shortcomings can be mended.


Evergreen has gained a significant market credential for its prompt response to consumer queries. The consumers have generated a sense of faith towards Evergreen that in turn has ensured consumer loyalty (Anderson, Anderson, Kilibarda & Kilibarda, 2017) It has also aided in increasing the profit margins of the organization. The company is currently enjoying a fair position in the Australian market. The formulation of the strategies in accordance with the organizational objectives of digital marketing has resulted in an increase in profit margins. Evergreen is operated by a management board that comprises of experts from differential fields whose knowledge aides in business development. The market in the current scenario has been evolving for a number of years. The organizations’ in any industrial sector is bringing up new methods of their promotional activities in the market. The prevailing trends in the market suggest the competitive nature of the Australian market. The consumer loyalty has given Evergen a competitive edge in the Australian market.

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E-Marketing Plan Case Study Assignment Help

E-marketing Assignment Help has been an efficient tool in the hands of commercial enterprise online for some time now. It has been rocking today’s web world by creating numerous marketing opportunities and better choices for promoting e-businesses. It is a kind of marketing of products/service online. It is also named in many forms like internet marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, etc. Even though many different names call it, the question is the same, how do you market your products effectively online? E-marketing plan is the primary requirement if you are going to use the web as a marketing medium for your products/service. To go deep about this, you need to carry out a comprehensive E-marketing plan case study.

Important considerations:

If you are going to create an E-marketing plan, you need to consider some essential things in advance:

  • Recognize what the desired end-result is
  • What is the budget are you having to work with
  • How much time is you’re ready to invest in this kind of marketing?
  • What sorts of resources will be required for this type of marketing to be successful?

The e-marketing plan is usually built on the same principles as the traditional marketing plan. You will find nothing different, but there are some formal differences given by the distinctiveness of the internet world. As the internet-based world is moving faster, it requires quick reactions and responses from its companies. Your ability to carry out profitable sales is affected by numerous internal/external factors that interrelate in a hard way to assess.

What is an E-marketing plan in MBA courses?

E-marketing plan is a written document that includes a review of the organization’s position in the market, followed by an analysis of the STEP factors and a SWOT analysis. A complete e-marketing plan should be formulated soon, and it includes important details like, why the past marketing strategy did go wrong. The next step is to present the business objectives along with the business strategies. After that, you need to assess the results and come up with newer alternative plans too.

E-marketing plan should include details like:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Expenses
  • Sales prediction
  • Budgeting problems.

Besides this, you should never forget to specify how the e-marketing plans will be controlled and how will you measure its results. It is evident that an e-marketing plan is a logical approach to the planning activity irrespective of the fact that, where you apply it. Take this, for instance, small companies usually adopt fewer formal procedures, because the managers here typically have more knowledge and experience when compared to their subordinate managers, and they will be capable for achieving direct control upon numerous factors. On the contrary, in a large-sized organization, the activities are diversified, and it is less likely that top managers have more knowledge than their subordinates. So, the planning process should be formulated to ensure a rigorous discipline for everyone involved in it.

Stages of an E-marketing Plan Writing:

Stating the mission:

This is, in fact, the planning stage when you set up the company’s intentions and preferences. It is done actually to provide a sense of direction, and this is an overall presentation of the organization’s plans.

Creating marketing objectives:

It is essential to set marketing objectives and also to settle on with it precisely. The goals should be brilliant and also communicate the organizational mission.

Collecting all the relevant details:

This section is based on the marketing audit concept. You need to carry out an audit of both the micro and macro environment. Macro-environment involves the analysis of STEP factors like social, economic, techno-logic and political factors. After accomplishing that, you need to turn your focus on the micro-environment and evaluate the competitive environment and prices in the existing market. It will then be concluded with the SWOT analysis. This kind of analysis combines two perspectives, internal issues, and external issues. Strengths and Weaknesses come under problems internal while opportunities and threads come under foreign issues of an organization.

Re-developing the marketing objectives:

You need to examine the collected information in the previous step closely. At times, the initial e-marketing objectives and Case Study Assignment Help need to be reformulated so that the issues emerged in the last stage are appropriately rectified. Right marketing strategies should cover the gap between the first objective and the redeveloped objective. Also, you have to need to make sure that the re-formulated aim is good too.

Setting up E-marketing strategies:

Here, you need to formulate many different approaches to cover the distance between what you want to accomplish and what is probable to achieve, with your available resources. After establishing strategies, carefully analyze them and wisely choose one with higher chances to accomplish the E-marketing objectives.

Action plans:

This portion consists of a detailed description of the E-marketing procedures and ways to execute the action we want to take. These action plans should be formulated and quantifiable. Also, you need the continuously monitor and assess the results.

Execution and control:

It involves a series of marketing activities that should be performed in an orderly fashion. It should also help run the marketing plan by the marketing objectives set by the marketer.

Performance measurement:

This stage of the marketing plan will be given less importance only because you can attain just what you can measure. To measure the performances accomplished through the marketing plan, you need to monitor and assess each previous stage of the e-marketing plan continuously.

Creating a right E-marketing strategy demands you invest more of your valuable time and it will undoubtedly be the most beautiful time you have used up for your business yet! Get involved in E-marketing plan case study, clearly, set your business objectives, create a most excellent E-marketing plan and stick well to it. E-marketing plan case study will help you learn more about the recent trends in today’s competitive business world and surely will give you hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars. E-marketing is a useful advertising tool that every single business should take significant advantage of. With a reasonable apprehension of how E-marketing strategy can help better your business, you can now be ready for an E-marketing plan case study that will surpass all your business expectations.

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Sustainable Marketing and Management Case Study Assignment Help

Sustainability Marketing is the quality that acts as a key to unlock the door of success, productivity, improvement, and development in business. The quality of sustainability is necessary and is essential to all field or area of business and is not considered to be relevant only for a specific field or area of business. The quality and skill of sustainability are mandatory and compulsory for every business organization as it aids and helps them to survive the ups and downs of the business, marketing and trading world. Sustainability in a business organization is maintained by replacing resources effectively with an equal or more substantial source when it gets decreased or gets lacked.

By following and executing this procedure of Sustainable Marketing Case Study Assignment Help effectively, the business organization will have a higher number of chances to survive and sustain in the world of business, marketing and trading. The levels of social and economic improvement or development are dependable for sustainable marketing. And this overall quality and character are called sustainable marketing in the world of business, marketing and trading. Let’s talk about some of the other information and details on sustainable marketing such as it’s essential principles to be followed by the business organization that opts to go in the path of sustainable marketing, and it’s possible outcomes of issues and scenarios on choosing the different kinds of track explained and put forth by the experts in the field of sustainable marketing. These are the information that we are going to discuss further in this article.

Main Principles of Sustainable Marketing in MBA

In the previous subheading, we got to know clear and expanded details of Sustainable Marketing Case Study Assignment Help by Assignment Writers, and its importance, role, and characteristics. In this heading, let’s talk about the three main principles of sustainable marketing and a brief explanation of each of the principals involved in the quality of sustainable marketing. The three main principles of sustainable marketing are Reduction of waste and engaging on a social basis, a difference of purchasing and swapping, and the worth of longevity.

Reduction of waste and participating on a social basis:

Waste can be categorized and differentiated into many forms and types. These are classified and divided by the enterprise or business taken upon or marketed by the particular organization. For example, the process of eliminating the waste from the packages of the products, and these packing of the products is usually done using wrappings that are a biodegradable waste. The primary motive behind this procedure is to increase and improve the linkage optimization of the website.

The difference between purchasing and bartering:

The prime and exact example for the act of implementing the second principle of sustainable marketing is the quality of bartering while tending to buy a great sign of utilizing the network of social and adapting to sharing with the same minded people with the intention of active promotion and sharing of information.

The worth of longevity:

Last but not least. Let’s discuss the brief explanation and importance of the 3rd main quality of sustainable marketing. The word “longevity” itself is enough to give a good clue on its effectiveness and its effective role in the quality of sustainable marketing. The main advantage of the factor of longevity is to boost up and improve the efforts of marketing that are put forth and applied by the business head. By doing this, the factor of longevity played an effective role in making the brand of the business head stable and lost lasting. Hence, I referred to as “last but not least” at the beginning of this heading. It prevents the company mainly from overcharges as it takes over the part of advertising and establishing campaigns too. Even though the factor of “longevity” comes under 3rd place in the principles list of sustainable marketing, it proves to be the most effective on the list. This paragraph is proof of the importance and essential quality of “longevity.”

These three principles are responsible for essential uplifting and improving the quality. The other advantage of sustainable marketing is that it helps in improving the relationship between the company and the customers by developing the pricing process of the goods, facilities, and services. It also helps in creating a strong base of the network on a social basis between the particular firm and the partnership business firm in the field of credit and lending.

Issues in the Field of Sustainable Marketing and how AssignnentHelpGlobal.Com Supports

Beginners in the field of sustainable marketing have a risk of investing the considerable sum of the amount when they decided to undertake this quality and procedure in their works. It involves spending billions of dollars while the firm chooses to switch to the world of sustainable marketing. This is considered as the significant disadvantage of sustainable marketing caused to the multinational companies. It is mandatory to choose the right method of sustainable marketing as there are various ad different plans of sustainable marketing out there applied by many experts. If not, a considerable loss and crisis will affect the business organization in every possible way.

So, it is essential for the business organization to choose the right plan and method of Sustainable Marketing Case Study Assignment Help. Thus, the procedure of sustainable marketing manages to balance both positive and negative feedback. And this is the reason why huge multinational companies and firms choose to adopt or switch to sustainable marketing with confidence and believe in a massive amount of profit. If accepted and headed with the right path, the procedure and method of sustainable marketing will take the business to the enormous growth and development with a considerable sum of profit to the company. The outcomes and situations stated in this paragraph are the possible issues that the business the organization might face while switching to sustainable marketing.

From the overall content of this article, we can understand that “sustainable marketing” is essential to survive in the field of business, trading, and production. So, it is important for the seller or manufacturer to choose the right path of “Sustainable Marketing Case Study” as it involves millions and millions of amounts while switching.

How to Write the Sustainable Marketing Assignment?

The program of Sustainable Marketing Assignment Help has been instilled with a number of aspects that can be developed as a result of integration into the market place. Hence, the involvement of the functions of an organization in terms of developing aspects that might be helpful in gathering the resources for the development of the sustainable marketing program is likely to be a matter of utter consciousness. The present report has been developed with the aim to develop an effective sustainable marketing review of an organization that has been procured as the leading bottled water company of the United Kingdom. The focus of the report has been put off the description of the attributes that are held by an organization to develop the functions relating to the appropriate matter of concern regarding the development of a plan that would help in effective marketing of the product in the domestic as well as international market. the report is concerned with the development of the contexts regarding the marketing functions that are practiced in Fiji Water.

The Triple Bottom Line of Marketing

Marketing is an eminent function of business that can bring about a varied response among the consumers that is within the market. Marketing patterns are decided by the decision making the body of an organization through understanding the criteria of conduction of functioning in terms of the development of the market view as well as the stances of business conduction in the market. Developing functions of manufacturing of a product and its introduction in the market place constitutes a number of stages of functioning that is led by an array of strategic implementation. Strategy development is an essential functioning of an organization that holds the implications of functioning in the market place. As suggested by Sarkis and Dhavale (2015), there has been a large number of evolutionary changes in the approaches of the businesses as well as that of the consumers. Many of the ideology of business has been replaced by the idea of a sustainable business that denotes not only the financial sustainability of the business but also a stance of sustainability from an environmental point of view. Hence, the mention of the Triple Bottom Line Assignment Help has been introduced in the business maps of worldwide organizations. The Triple Bottom Line is a concept that has helped in relating or connecting the focus of the financial bottom line of an organization with the social and the environmental bottom line. Therefore, this concept aims to add social responsibilities and the environmental impact of business to its economic value.


Sustainability in the business has turned into a fundamental thing for the accomplishment of the long haul objectives of the associations. Manageability in the tasks is required by each association whether it is in the travel industry or not. Maintainable the travel industry is only an exertion which is made by the travel industry organizations to influence the neighbourhood condition of the organization decidedly. The effect of the business exercises on the general public and neighbourhood condition ought to be as low as would be prudent. This paper discusses the travel industry business and the endeavours which it makes for accomplishing the manageability in its tasks. The travel industry organizations make numerous arrangements, programs, practices to accomplish manageability. These practices may incorporate the endeavours

of giving better wellbeing and instruction to the network of the business, giving the chance of work to the nearby individuals and so on. The objective of manageable the travel industry is giving constructive experience to the nearby individuals about the organization. The travel industry includes numerous ventures in it. The principle ventures which go under the travel industry are travel organizations and sustenance business, cordiality, inns and so forth. Further in this report we would talk about the plans and practices received by the travel industry organizations for the manageability accomplishment. How the organizations can deal with the maintainability practices will likewise be talked about later in this report. We are concentrating on the movement offices and sustenance organizations inside the travel industry.

How to Write An Assignment at Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a trending field of marketing nowadays. The subject is taught in various universities of Australia to increase the knowledge of students in this field. Digital marketing covers all the aspects of marketing digitally and helps to understand the marketing concepts online. The experience of search engine optimization tools helps the scholars to understand which keywords to use and where to use etc. To create brand awareness about the company, digital marketing plays an important role. However, it is very crucial to introduce digital marketing subject in the academics of management scholars.

Nowadays, students are already stressed as they have lots of burden of various class assessments, part-time jobs, etc. hence they look for someone to write their assignments for them. Also, the scope of marketing is vast, and so the students browse the internet for online digital marketing assignment samples. Though there are many samples available online for digital marketing assignments all are not reliable. Taking assistance from Assignment Help Global is the best solution for this.

Digital Marketing Plan:

Define the Target Audience

Depending on the goals, you need to create a marketing persona for your target market. If your goal focuses on sales or leads then profile the customer to know how they look like, content they like, their goals, and do your content help they achieve their goals.

Draft Content that suits your business

Once you finish setting the goals and target audience, you should outline the content that helps you reach both. You can illustrate your expertise and increase brand awareness among wide-range of people providing useful content such as video tutorial, blogs, etc.

Make Content Find able

Even if you have the best content, but it’s wasted if your audience unable to find it.

Use the words your audience uses: You can do keyword research and lists the keywords that focus your content.

Optimize your content: You can index your content and categorize your pages. By optimizing your content, you can increase traffic to your site, and the users can search you easily.

Distribute content

Make sure that our content reaches the target audience. Include quality content at your website, emails, and blogs. Include social media platform to share your posts, videos, and blogs.

Content Promotion

Once done with the content creation you need to promote it. You should support it for maximum reach and effect.

Social media campaigns

Through social media campaigns, the brand can reach new customers and encourage current customers to buy from you again and again. It helps to grab new audiences and make a strong relationship with them to join your social community.

Social media channel management

Manage the social media channel as it is the primary interaction channel for customers. You can answer the complaints and change the negative into positive responding the customers in all the possible ways.

Online Assistance For Digital Marketing Assignment Help

Assignment Help Global is the best online digital marketing assignment help services provider in Australia. Many scholars have been availing our services for a long time and have been getting good grades in their assignments with our services. Our writers always strive to deliver excellent and flawless transfers to let students excel in academics. They ensure to offer 100% original and plagiarism free content thus providing best quality assignments. Our services have made us the leading Digital Marketing assignment help service provider across the globe since the last decade.

How to write an assignment for college students?

When it comes to writing assignments, it is difficult to find a conceptualized guide with our expert writers  clear and simple tips that are easy to follow. That is actually what this guide will give: couple of straightforward tips on the most proficient method to compose extraordinary Assignment Writing Services, right when you need them. A portion of these focuses will presumably be well-known to you, yet there is no damage in being helped to remember the most essential things previously you begin composing the assignments, which are generally deciding on your credits.

The most important fact: Outline and Introduction

Preparation is the way to progress, particularly with regards to scholastic Case Study Assignment Help. It is prescribed to dependably compose a layout before you begin composing the real task. The framework ought to incorporate the primary concerns of dialog, which will keep you cantered all through the work and will make your key focuses obviously characterized. Sketching out the task will spare you a ton of time since it will sort out your contemplations and make your writing looks a lot less demanding. The framework will likewise assist you with creating distinctive areas and gap up the word check between them, which will make the task progressively sorted out.

The presentation is the following critical part you should concentrate on. This is the part that characterizes the nature of your task according to the peruser. The presentation must incorporate a concise foundation on the central matters of talk, the motivation behind growing such work and clear signs on how the task is being sorted out. Keep this part short, inside a couple of sections.


This is a case of including the previously mentioned focuses into the presentation of a task that expounds the subject of heftiness achieving extents:

Foundation: The twenty first century is described by numerous general wellbeing challenges, among which corpulence takes a noteworthy part. The expanding predominance of stoutness is making a disturbing circumstance in both created and creating areas of the world.

Structure and point: This task will expand and examine the particular example of stoutness pestilence improvement, just as its the study of disease transmission. Obligation, exchange and globalization will likewise be examined as variables that prompted heightening of the issue. In addition, the task will examine the administrative intercessions that endeavour to address this issue.

Practical tips on assignment writing

Here are some pragmatic tips that will keep your work engaged and compelling:

Critical reasoning – Academic composing must be described by basic reasoning, not exclusively to give the work the required dimension, yet additionally on the grounds that it partakes in the last imprint.

Continuity of thoughts – When you get to the center of task, things can get befuddling. You need to ensure that the thoughts are streaming consistently inside and between passages, so the peruser will be empowered to pursue the contention effectively. Separating the work in various sections is vital for this reason.

Usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’ – According to the scholarly composition guidelines, the assignments ought to be written in a generic language, which implies that the use of ‘you’ and ‘I’ ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. The main adequate method for building your contentions is by utilizing feelings and proof from legitimate sources.

Referencing – this piece of the task is critical and it takes a major part in the last imprint. Make a point to utilize either Vancouver or Harvard referencing frameworks, and utilize a similar framework in the catalog and keeping in mind that refering to work of different sources inside the content.

Usage of models – An unmistakable comprehension on your task’s subject ought to be given by contrasting diverse sources and distinguishing their qualities and shortcomings in a goal way. This is where you should indicate how the information can be connected into training.

Numbering and slugs – Instead of utilizing numbering and shots, the scholarly composition style lean towards the utilization of passages.

Including figures and tables – The figures and tables are a compelling method for passing on data to the peruser in a reasonable way, without aggravating the word tally. Each figure and table ought to have clear headings and you should make a point to specify their sources in the reference index.

Word check – the word tally of your task mustn’t be far above or far underneath the required word tally. The blueprint will give you help in this angle, so make a point to design the work so as to keep it inside the limits.

The significance of a powerful end

The finish of your task is your definitive opportunity to give incredible contentions that will inspire the peruser. The end in scholarly composing is generally communicated through three principle parts:

Stating the unique circumstance and point of the task

Summarizing the primary concerns quickly

– Providing last remarks with thought of things to come (examining clear instances of things that should be possible so as to improve the circumstance concerning your point of dialog).