Hello, the prompt that i will send it to you need some explanation.


The midterm essay questions are designed to make you think about the material we have covered in class and to synthesize this material in a coherent manner. You will need to think about the WHOLE and how the parts fit together into this whole

Directions: Write an organized, coherent and cohesive essay for each prompt. Your essays should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font, size 12. Your essays must be organized and well-written, and you MUST use material from lectures, guest speaker presentations, films, and readings to support your arguments. You may work alone, in pairs, or in groups of three. (8 PAGES)

Grading: Your grade will be based on: 1. Articulation of concepts and discussion 2. Comprehensiveness of response 3. Cohesion 4. Use of class material 5. Engagement

Part I (25 Points)

2. Adrianna B. Catcher was suffering from a serious bout of anger. She was unable to sleep at night, awakening periodically, and experienced frequent outbursts of rage. She finally went to see her medicine person/healer about this condition.

Assuming you are the healer who is treating Ms. Catcher, explain how would you diagnose and treat this illness in Curanderismo(mexican) medical traditions. How would you provide an explanation for the cause of this illness IN FULL, contextualizing it in terms of world views and views of the body in Curanderismo traditions? In your explanation, incorporate a discussion of EITHER personalistic vs. naturalistic etiologies OR the principle of equilibrium, including the assumptions that underlie these concepts in terms of world views, anatomy, illness causation explanation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment

Hello, the prompt that I will send it to you need some explanation.

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To develop a sense of the socialization and desensitization


Effects of Television/Movies/Video Violence on Aggressive Behavior (Chapter 11-Social Cognitive Views of Learning)


To develop a sense of the socialization and desensitization contemporary mass media provides and its correlation with the rising rate of homicide and violence in our schools and communities.


Read the article, Teaching Kids To Kill, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. (article is attached)

Examine how Grossman discusses classical conditioning and operant conditioning as they relate to the “virus of violence.”


a 1-2 page paper on your reaction to Grossman’s theory. (Some examples: What do you think? How should educators try to remedy the situation? As an individual, are you aware of what messages you are absorbing from mass media? How does this make you feel? Be sure to relate to behaviorism from text and class notes)

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Submit the crisis topic that you have selected for your final

 MILESTONE 1: Crisis Communication Evaluation Draft


Submit the crisis topic that you have selected for your final project. Specifically, identify the organization whose crisis communication strategy you are planning to evaluate. Briefly describe an actual crisis that the organization has encountered, and provide some initial thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s communication strategy.

Crisis Topic: Taco Bell’s “seasoned beef” meat filling lawsuit (2011)

Organization: Taco Bell

Resources on Situation:







Textbook: The Handbook of Crisis Communication
Introduction and Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Video: Situational Crisis Communication Theory

Attached Files

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Once you have calculated the rates of return for these securities,


For this journal, you will follow the objectives and securities of the several companies that you will be analyzing for your final Investments Analysis Report. You will need to consider the time value of money and risk/return trade-off for all asset classes in the portfolio. You will also calculate rates of return for each security and the portfolio and compare the performance using the S&P 500 as a benchmark.

Locate the financial statement (10 – K Annual Reporting) information for each company (listed below) that you will be investigating for your final project. This information can be found on each company’s website within the “About U s” section or at the bottom of the homepage under “Investors.”

Research stock and corporate bond holdings for the following companies:

Apple, Inc. (AAPL)
Caterpillar (CAT)
Consolidated Edison (ED)
Northern Trust (NTRS)
Macy’s (M)

Calculate the rates of return for each of the securities listed.

Once you have calculated the rates of return for these securities, briefly explain the risk/return relationship for each security.

Be sure to consider the key risk factors investors must observe when making their investments and also the time value of money concept and its relevance in the financial industry.

3-4 paragraphs

APA formatting not required.

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The text of your paper should be preceded by an abstract (about 100


The impact of physical activity on cognition and memory

Your paper should summarize fundamental issues, questions, and controversies and provide a general overview of the topic. To accomplish this, you will have to use recent research articles (published within the past five years) to illustrate relevant points

8 pages, It must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and fully referenced in the format specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

The text of your paper should be preceded by an abstract (about 100 words) that summarizes the key points in the paper (i.e., a statement of the problem, major findings, and conclusions).

about 8 full pages APA style with in text references. Everything is noted with underlined and bold print above. Thank you in advance. Please meet the deadline or sooner and this paper is an enormous portion of my grade. 

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Emerging network course homework | Computer Science homework help


4055-817 emerging network course


Think about each question in detail before formulating your answer.  Your answer should be complete and you should include examples to support your answer.  There is no limitation on the amount you can write.


Each answer should include minimum of 130 words



1.   Explain Ad Hoc Networks and their usage.


2.   Explain the routing protocols in Mobil Ad Hoc Networks (MANET).


3.   What are your thoughts on MANET-VANET?  Implementation Issues?  Security challenges?  What is the current state of technology?


4.   How will routing be different in Ad Hoc Networks versus Wireless Sensor Networks?


5.   What are some of the security issues in Sensor Networks?


6.   How do we ensure data privacy, integrity, and authentication in Sensor Networks?


7.   List and explain at least three Mesh Network applications.


8.   Explain what a good Mesh Routing Protocol should have.


9.   Explain Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and their usage.


10.               What is your opinion about Smart Grid technology and its usage its future use?


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1. explain why the cost structure associated with many kinds of

1.       Explain why the cost structure associated with many kinds of information goods and services might imply a market supplied by a small number of large firms.

2.       At the same time some internet businesses such as grocery home deliveries have continually suffered steep losses regardless of scale. Explain why.

3.       Could lower transaction costs in e-commerce ever make it easier for small suppliers to compete?

4.       As noted in Chapter 3, network externalities are often an important aspect of demand for information goods and services. (The benefits to customers of using software, participating in electronic markets, or using instant messaging increase with the number of other users.) How might network externalities affect firm operating strategies (pricing, output, and advertising) and firm size?


Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document, APA formatted and then submits it for plagiarism review. Submit it as Assignment 6 by midnight, Day 7.



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This assignment should have been about a live theater, but now it is


In light of the COVID-19 developments the requirement that the Second Production Response be written about a live theatre show has been lifted. Below are links to four different plays which were recorded in front of live audiences. You may choose one of them to watch and write your paper about. Other than that all instructions for this assignment stay the same. Let me know if you have any questions.

https://www-digitaltheatreplus-com.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/education/collections/complicite/a-disappearing-number (Links to an external site.)


Simon McBurney


Winner of the 2008 Olivier Award for Best New Play, A Disappearing Number tells the true story of the extraordinary collaboration between Cambridge professor G.H. Hardy and self-taught mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who made some of the most significant mathematical discoveries of the 20th century.

This production was devised by Complicité and directed by Simon McBurney and is accompanied by an in-depth conversation about the show and the company, between Co-Founder Annabel Arden and Associate Director Catherine Alexander.

*Contains strong language.

https://www-digitaltheatreplus-com.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/education/collections/rubicon-theatre-company/last-train-to-nibroc (Links to an external site.)



In the winter of 1940, Raleigh and May are forced to share a seat on a crowded train headed east, only to discover a mutual attraction that will change their lives forever. The first part of Arlene Hutton’s Nibroc Trilogy was captured live by Cinevative at the Rubicon Theatre Company in California.

Directed by the award-winning Katharine Farmer, this poignant production follows the relationship between May and Raleigh in Kentucky at the height of the Second World War.

Directed by

Katharine Farmer

https://www-digitaltheatreplus-com.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/education/collections/australian-national-theatre-live/liberty-equality-fraternity (Links to an external site.)


Geoffrey Atherden


A young mother is taken by the Intelligence Services for interrogation in this popular comedy that comes with a warning for the Facebook generation.

This production was captured by Australian National Theatre Live at Sydney’s famous Ensemble Theatre and uses witty dialogue, projections and live recordings to highlight the threat of surveillance.

Contains some strong language.

Directed by

Shannon Murphy

https://www-digitaltheatreplus-com.ezproxy.lib.usf.edu/education/collections/stage-russia/children-of-the-sun (Links to an external site.)


Written during his imprisonment and the abortive Russian Revolution of 1905, Maxim Gorky’s dark comedy about the fears and obsessions of the intellectual elite is brought to life by multi-award-winning director Timofey Kulyabin.

Set in 1999 at Stanford University, this modernised interpretation focuses on the interplay between characters and their search for meaning, all while being unaware of their impending annihilation. This production was captured live by Stage Russia HD at the Red Torch Theatre in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Contains adult content

Directed by

Timofey Kulyabin


The Response Essay:

Remember your Performance Response 1 assignment? Remember how you made a list of observations about all the production elements: lights, sound, media, acting, costumes, directing, props, staging, set design? Keep that in mind when you watch your second performance. Take a notebook with you to the show and write down what you see. This will help you write the essay. PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is different from Performance Response 1. This assignment is an essay with a thesis, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The Golden Rule for these essays is to point out details over generalities.

Your response should use the observations you made and recall to support an argument (thesis). Your thesis is a one sentence statement that tells what you think the show was about. I am not interested in whether you liked the performance or not, or even whether you thought it was good or not — I want you to explore what you thought the production was trying to do and how it went about doing it.

You do not need to cover every aspect of the production; as you think and write, focus on those things that are most helpful in supporting your argument. Remember that it is not enough to say that, “the costumes helped define the characters.” You must be specific. “The use of a stiff, canvas fabric for the clergyman’s costume helped create him as a rigid and inflexible character. This is another example of how the production was trying to depict the church as insufferable and organized religion in general as a great evil in the world.”

So when you watch your play think about what the “message” of the play is. What is the production trying to say? For example: The Three Little Pigs is a story with which we are all familiar. What is the message of the story? Basically, hard work pays off. The first two pigs quickly build homes with inferior materials then go play, while the third pig labors in the construction of his house of bricks for a long time. In the end the third pig’s house is the only house that doesn’t get blown over by the wolf. So if you were watching a play about this story for your Performance Response, you would analyse and describe all the production elements and how they help in the telling of this message, “hard work pays off.”

Your examples of the production elements are your evidence. This evidence must support the thesis statement. It is not enough to have a thesis and then describe the different elements you see. What you choose to describe about the elements has to further the point you are making with your thesis. There must be a marriage of the evidence to the thesis.

Write your response with the class in mind as the audience — do not recount the story! In other words do not give a plot overview. We don’t need to know the story, we only need to know the message (which is your thesis statement) and how the production elements help tell that message. Also, don’t analyze characters or give character sketches. This paper is not about plot and story or character analysis. It is a response to the production. I want a thesis about the production and I want that thesis to be backed up with an analysis of the production elements. How do you do this well? Keep reading.

As soon after the performance as possible, you should make notes about what you saw, heard, and felt (that is, what decisions did the production make in the visual [what you saw], acoustic [what you heard], and kinetic [what you felt as movement] realms of the theatre.) What did the set look like? What did it “feel” like? What did the costumes look like? How did they help define the characters? What did the actors do (how did they move, sound, express themselves, and so on)? After you have recorded your first reflections, think about the idea or ideas behind the production. In other words, what is the play about? Love? Forgiveness? Hate destroying the protagonist like a cancer? What about the production conveyed this conceptual meaning? NOT what about the story conveyed the meaning, or what you learned about the characters, BUT what in the production (the elements) conveyed the meaning. In other words, if you see a production about a man whose hate for someone is controlling every part of his life, (he can’t sleep, he loses his job, he neglects his wife and children to the point of familial disaster) maybe your thesis statement would be, if you allow hate to control your life it will destroy you. So what is the lighting doing that conveys that? Does it grow darker? Does it flash when he’s wrestling with the hate? Does it shift showing separation between the man and everyone else? What about the costumes? Does the man’s white, button down shirt become torn at the sleeves and yellowed under the armpits? Does he lose his shirt? What about the staging? The set? The sound? How does the actor’s behavior change? Does he carry himself differently? Does he develop a limp?

Again the Golden Rule for these essays is to point out details over generalities.

Remember: you may end up writing (or re-writing) the introduction only after you have developed your argument (thesis), but whenever you actually write it, the introduction goes in the first paragraph and that paragraph should end with your thesis statement. Do not forget to write a concluding paragraph at the end of your paper. Remember, also, that paragraphs generally focus on one main idea– re-read what you write and add paragraphs where necessary. Finally, make sure that your sentences progress logically from one to another. Avoid sentences such as, “The play used costumes very well. The use of multiple levels in the set was exciting. I thought the red dress worked the best.” These sentences are too general and don’t convey enough meaning.

One last time, the Golden Rule for these essays is to point out details over generalities.

Writing is thinking on paper. It provides you an opportunity to decide whether you actually believe what you think you do. If you write something that, upon reading, strikes you as false, change it. Be prepared, in fact, to discover that your thoughts change as a result of your writing — and be prepared to change what you write as a consequence.

Each paragraph should be well-written, observing the standards of formal academic writing. Length should be around 700-900 words. You must include in the heading for the assignment the name of the productionwhere you saw it, the theatre name, and the date on which you saw it. Points will be taken off if you do not.

This assignment should have been about a live theater, but now it is about recorded plays that you can watch  

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Once you have watched episodes 5-13 of “i, claudius” and read the


Once you have watched Episodes 5-13 of “I, Claudius” and read the four Wikipedia articles (on “Tiberius, “Caligula,” “Claudius,” and “Nero,” write an essay in reply to the following question:

How historically accurate is “I, Claudius”? Support your answer with evidence from the assigned episodes in the TV show and the assigned Wikipedia articles. Compare the episodes to the article and talk about what is accurate and what is not accurate in the episodes.

You do not have to watch all the episodes, you can skim until you have enough to compare and talk about for 6 pages.

Length: 6 pages

APA format

Source for the episodes:

“Ch. 4 – Poison is Queen” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E05”]


“Ch. 5 – Some Justice” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E06”]


“Ch. 6 – Queen of Heaven” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E07”]


“Ch. 7 – Reign of Terror” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E08”]


“Ch. 8 – Zeus, By Jove!” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E09”]


“Ch. 9 – Hail Who?” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E10”]

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6pk7p4 THEO 2291 Instructional Plan 3/23/20 – p.2 of 5

“Ch. 10 – Fool’s Luck” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E11”]


“Ch. 11 – A God in Colchester” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E12”]


“Ch. 12 – Old King Log” [Video titled “I Claudius S01 E13”]


Sources for the Wikipedia articles:

• “Tiberius”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiberius

• “Caligula”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caligula

• “Claudius”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudius

• “Nero”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nero

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History of present illness: patient sustained a gunshot wound to left


CHIEF COMPLAINT: draining left thigh wound

HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: patient sustained a gunshot wound to left

thigh in 1992. plate became loose likely secondary to infection in 1999. he

was treated with antibiotics and the wound allowed to heal by secondary

intention. wound intermittently underwent breakdown and drainage in 2014

following stress put on leg when patient stood for long hours. Plastic surgeon

didi a culture and found it was infected and erecommended a debridement which

was done July 15. He was discharged on pain killers and antibiotics. ID saw

patient in August 2016 per his Plastic surgery’s recs and determined that

stronger IV antibiotics would be required.

Baird, M. S., Keen, J. H., & Swearingen, P. L. (2005). Manual of critical care nursing: Nursing interventions and collaborative management. St. Louis, Mo: Elsevier Mosby.

Gulanick, M., & Myers, J. L. (2007). Nursing care plans: Nursing diagnosis and intervention (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

Herdman, T. H., & North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. (2008). NANDA-I nursing diagnoses: Definitions & classification, 2009-2011. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Hi. this the marked care plan.

please see that attachment


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